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Linux Etc Login.defs Configuration with Examples

Linux shadow password suite provides password related utils and configuration. /etc/login.defs or simple login.defs provides configuration about shadow utils. This file provides password, mail, user id, group id, user home related configuration. We will look all of the useful configurations in this tutorial. Login.defs Configuration File login.defs configuration file is located at /etc/login.defs ....


How To List, Set, Get Windows Environment Variables With Set Command In Command Line MS-DOS

Operating systems have a lot of configurations. These configurations are stored in different ways in different locations. One of the most common storage for some generic information like Username, operating system path etc. is environment variables. In this tutorial we will look how to list, get and set Windows operating...


How To Add New User With Home Directory To Linux

Adding new user to the linux generally done with useradd command. This command is not create a home directory by default. Let me explain home directory. Home directory is place where user have full rights to change, delete remove files. User related settings are saved into this directory. User ssh configuration files...

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