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How To Add Images In HTML? 0

How To Add Images In HTML?

Images are an important part of the web. HTML is the language used to define, add, insert images in web applications and pages. HTML images are created with the <img> tag and provide some attributes for different cases. Add Simple Image with src Attribute First, we will start with a simple example where we will just an image by using <img> tags and specifying its location. src attribute is used...

HTML Bold Tag Usage and Examples 0

HTML Bold Tag Usage and Examples

HTML provides different tags for the styling. Bold  <b> tag is used to make given text bold which is ticker than a normal one. Bold tag is used for the start and end of the text to specify the text we want to make bold. <b> Bold Tag As stated previously bold tag is used by specifying the start and the end of the text block we want to make bold....

HTML Div Tag Usage Tutorial with Examples 0

HTML Div Tag Usage Tutorial with Examples

&lt;div&gt; is a very useful and popular HTML tag. <div> is mainly used to group multiple HTML elements and provide some attributes to this group of elements. As a popular and longtime tag, it is supported by all of the web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge/Explorer, Opera, Safari, etc. Define Div <div> Element A div element can be defined with starting and closing tags &lt;div&gt; and &lt;/div&gt;. ...

What Is Webpage? 0

What Is Webpage?

Internet is the most popular and crowded network in the world. The Internet provides different services, applications. The webpage is the most popular service or application provided by the internet. The webpage provides content on different topics. In a technical way, Webpage consists of different technologies like HTML, JavaScript, XML, Picture, Video, etc. Web Page Well, this is a web page provided by There are a lot of web...

What Is a Web Browser? 0

What Is a Web Browser?

Web Browser is a software which is used to browse or surf on web pages. Web Browsers generally used on internet web pages. Web Browser also called Browser, Internet Browser. World Wide Web or simply www is the main area Web Browsers operate. World Wide Web is mainly consisted and runs on the big global network named Internet. Web Browser History Web browser history starts in the near feature where...


What Is URL (Uniform Resource Locator)?

Uniform Resource Locator a.k.a. URL is a resource naming or locating format used to specify or address the resource. URL is very popular with the web where web sites and web resources are addressed or identified with URL format. URL Syntax URL has a very strict syntax which is defined in RFC 1738. It has the following syntax where some information about the resource is provided.

scheme is the...


What Is Apache Web Server?

Apache web server is a web server application or services used to serve provided files and applications over network which is generally internet. In this tutorial we will explain what is Apache Web Server in details by providing related technologies, owner and versions of Apache Web Server. Web Page Web page is a bunch of HTML, Javascript, CSS code with extra objects like image, video etc. Web pages generally used...

How To Redirect HTML Web Page Into Another URL? 1

How To Redirect HTML Web Page Into Another URL?

HTML is a language used to build web pages. Web pages have a dynamic nature where it can change during time. One of the most popular change cases is redirecting given web page to another web page. This is simply called we page redirect. In this tutorial, we will examine the redirect process in different ways, languages, and technologies. HTML Redirect The most popular and basic for web page redirect...


How To Define Html Table?

Html Table is used to present structured data in the web pages. Html table was very popular in previous days but with the more dynamic applications and div usage it loss some of its popularity. In this tutorial we will look basic table features. Define Html Table Table definition might be seen a bit confusing but it is actually not so complex. We will use <table> , <tr> , <th> , <td> tags. We will...


Javascript Syntax and Basics

In this post we will start writing simple Javascript codes and run them on the browser. We will also look comments. Two Lines Of Code Our code is below. It is now two line and becoming more complex but not too much for our target.

Here is two JavaScript line ended with ; Comments Writing explanations to the code is a good habit for a developer. Comments are used to...

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