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“HTTP 502 Bad Gateway” Error and Solution

"HTTP 502 Bad Gateway" Error and Solution

The HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) 502 Bad Gateway the server error is generated when an invalid response is received from a server. “502 Bad Gateway” is an HTTP status code that is defined and standardized with RFC. The “502 Bad Gateway” status code is defined in RFC 10.5.3. What Is “HTTP 502 Bad Gateway” Error? … Read more

PHP cURL Tutorial with Examples

PHP cURL Tutorial with Examples

PHP programming language standard library supports the cURL library named libcurl. libcurl is a library implementation of the cURL tool which is used to communicate with servers and clients by using popular protocols like HTTP, FTP, etc. cURL can be used for HTTP POST, HTTP PUT, FTP Upload requests. PHP cURL Library PHP cURL library … Read more

HTTP Status Codes

HTTP Status Codes

HTTP is a stateless protocol where the session is managed by the upper-level applications. But HTTP protocol provides the status codes about the HTTP request. Every HTTP request will be responded by an HTTP status code from the remote site or server. In this tutorial, we will examine the HTTP status codes about their category, … Read more

HTTP Status 503 Error Code and How To Fix It?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP  503 Service Unavaiable server error response code indicates that the server is not ready to handle the request. Also HTTPS protocol will use the same code for the same reason. In this tutorial we will examine the 503 error code causes, client and server side solutions. 503 Expressions HTTP 503 … Read more

Apache Log Files

Apache or with real name httpd provides logs. These logs are very helpful while detecting errors, attacks. There is two type of Apache logs by default. Log resides in following directories. Log Path Apache logs are stored in different paths because of name difference for different distributions. DEB or apt family uses the name apache2 … Read more