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HTTP Status 503 Error Code and How To Fix It?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol or HTTP  503 Service Unavaiable server error response code indicates that the server is not ready to handle the request. Also HTTPS protocol will use the same code for the same reason. In this tutorial we will examine the 503 error code causes, client and server side solutions. 503 Expressions HTTP 503 … Read more

HTTP 403 Forbidden Status Code and Fix Error

HTTP 403 Forbidden Status Code and Fix Error

HTTP protocol uses HTTP status codes in order to provide information about the requests. There are different types of status codes like 100, 200, 300, 400, etc. All of them have different meanings and subcodes like 403. In this tutorial, we will examine the 403 Forbidden Error Code . Example Response Here is some example response … Read more

How To Redirect Http To Https In Apache and Nginx

Http is popular protocol used to transfer web page data like HTML, Javascript, Image etc. HTTP is used between our browser like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer and server like Apache, Nginx etc. HTTPS is secure version of HTTP and recently sites transition to the HTTPS. But what is a user try to access HTTP … Read more

What Is HTTP Error 500 and How To Solve It?

Http is the world’s most popular protocol used on the internet to exchange data and run web applications. Http protocol also has standards. Http is a stateless protocol which means separate Http requests do not have any connection with each other. Http have a mechanism to provide information about the request which is called Http … Read more