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What Is A PDF (Portable Document Format) File and How To Open PDF?

What Is A PDF (Portable Document Format) File and How To Open PDF?

PDF is a popular file extension that is generally used to store documents, brochures, books, scanned documents, user manuals portable format. PDF is the short form of the Portable Document Format. What Is PDF File? Portable Document Format or PDF is a standard which is created Adobe in 1993. The PDF files have the .pdf … Read more

How To Remove Docker Images

Docker uses images in order to start new container. New containers will use existing images and adds new layers for the customized parts. In this tutorial we will look how to manage docker images. List Docker Images Before removing Docker Images we generally need to list these images. We will use list command in order to … Read more

Linux dd Command To Backup with Examples

Backup is important part of the Linux system administration. Without backups a system is not safe and also the system administrator position too 🙂 . There are different ways to take backup. Some tools provides user level backup operation like copying or sync files. Other backup tools provides more file system level backup operation. One … Read more