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Linux stat Command Tutorial With Examples

Linux stat command used to display files and file system information like permission, size etc. In this tutorial we will look various usage examples. Show File Information All information about a file can be get without providing any parameter. We will only provide the file name.

As we can see from screenshot there is information about file name , size, blocks, inode, device, access,modify,change dates, user and group id...


What Are Inodes In Linux?

Inode (Index node) is a data  structure on file system that holds  all information about file except its name and actual data. We can call inode as a identity card without name. When a file is create new name and inode is assigned to it. There is two way to fill a disk. One way is to fill all segments in the file system other way is to consume all...


How To Use Linux df Command with Examples?

One of the main duty of System Administrator is monitoring and checking the disk usage. According to situation take action against it. df command is used to file system disk space usage. It is practical to see disk usage in a fast and clean way. Getting Help About df We can get help about df with –help parameter. Keep in mind that -h is used for formatting operation. How To Use Linux...

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