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How To Get Input From Keyboard with Python raw_input with Examples

Python provides different functions and methods in order to get input from user, system, network etc. raw_inputis a method used to get input from user from interactive shell. We will look different use cases for raw_input for python. Syntax The syntax of the raw_input changes according to python version. We will look for both of them but use Python 3 version in the examples. Python 2

DATA is set...


Linux Bash Input, Output and Redirect

[rps-include post=6835] Linux Bash have different ways to run command and get output of the command or redirect the output. In this tutorial we will look different ways to redirect commands output. Writing Multiple Commands Same Line Command line can be terminated with ; to write commands same line

In this example first clean command runs and after the execution ends what ever the command result is second command...


How To Pause and Resume Powershell and Cmd Scripts In Windows With Examples?

Powershell is as its name suggest powerful language. I have very good features and libraries. In this tutorial we will look how to pause Powershell in different ways and different behaviors. Pause And Wait Input We may want to pause the current shell and wait an input from the user. This is very useful if we need more specific input from the user like selecting a menu or an option....


Linux Sort Command With Examples

Linux provides a lot of useful tools for system administrators. These tools gives the administrator a developer power so the administrator can easily change, modify, filter, sort the data. sort is an other little but powerful tool. In this tutorial we will look different usage examples of sort. Example File We will use following simple example file named fruits.txt

Syntax sort command will use following syntax.

Simply Sort Sort...


Html Text Input Allow Only Numeric Input

Applications expecting numeric values for the input is generally a pain for developers. Because we have to check given values whether they are number or alphabet. We have some text input element for html. We want to get the number of the person. How can we achieve that easily? Pure JavaScript By using JavaScript events is the most reliable method. We will write some JavaScript for onkeypress event and check...


How Prompt for Input in Bash

Bash is a shell for Linux and Unix operating systems. But bash also provides some basic programming environment acting like a Programming language. System administrators generally develops simple scripts and apps with bash and reads some input from shell interactively. In this tutorial we will look ho to read input from interactive bash console or terminal. By Using Read One way to get input from shell prompt is read. We...

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