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Java Data Types

Java Data Types

Java is a completely object-oriented programming language which provides a lot of different type of features. Primitive data types are some of them. Java provides basic or primitive data types like integer, string, logical true and false, etc. In this tutorial, we will learn the Java Primitive Datatypes. Primitive Data Types Most of the programming … Read more

How To Convert String To Int (Integer) In Java?

Java programming language provides different variable types. One of the most used types is String and Int or integer. During the usage of these variable types, we may need to convert them. In this tutorial, we will examine string to int and int to string variables types conversion in Java programming language. Convert with parseInt() … Read more

Bash Printf Function Tutorial with Examples

Bash provides programming features to make Linux system administrator’s life easier. printf is one of the most used function used by Linux bash programmers. In this tutorial we will look Linux bash printf features and use cases while developing bash programs. Bash printf function is very similar to the C printf function. Just Print We can use printf function … Read more

C Printf() Function Tutorial with Examples

C Printf() Function Tutorial with Examples

C and C++ programming language a printf function that is used to print given values or data to the standard output or current terminal. printf() function supports different formatting types. In this tutorial, we will look at them in detail. printf() Function Syntax Syntax of printf is like below. Print Given Text and Variables printf function can be used … Read more

Php – Numeric Variable Types Like Integer, Float, Double

[rps-include post=6522] Php provides different numeric variable types. In this tutorial we will look them in detail. The numeric types available in Php are listed below. Integer Float Double Numeric values are used mainly used for mathematical calculations. If we will use numbers just like id or school number better way is using string but … Read more

Javascript Numeric Variable Type Integer

Number types are used to express countable data. Numbers will presents integer, floating-point and dates. From technical point there is no difference between integer and floating-point. Numbers can be defined explicitly like below. var count= new Number(12); var count creates and variable new Number(12) makes variable type number and set value 12 to it Numbers have low … Read more

Python Type Function with Examples

Python provides a lot of different types for programming purposes. While using these structs we may need to decide which variable or identifier is which type. Python provides builtin type function in order to decide given identifier types. We just need to provide the identifier to the type function. Identify Type We will provide our identifier or … Read more

How To Convert List To String in Python?

Python provides different variable types for programmers’ usage. We can use int, float, string, list, set … data types in our applications. While using different types of variables we may need to convert them to different types. In this tutorial, we will different types of conversion from the list to string in Python. Convert Using … Read more

Python Variables and Types

Python programming language provides different data types in order to use data in applications. We generally use variables in order to store our data. As the name suggests variables can be changed during their lifetime. In this tutorial we will look different features and options of Python variables. Create and Assign Value To Variable Assigning … Read more

Random Number Generator In Python

Python is practical language which provides different functions in practical way. Random number are generally used in security related issues but there are other areas too. In this post we will look different random number generation examples about python. Generate Random Number Between 0 and 1 Python provides a library named random by default. This library … Read more