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How To Check Python Version?

Python is dynamic scriptin language which provides rich features. Python have two main version named Python version 2 and version 3. We can call them simply Python2 or Python3 . In this tutorial we will learn how yo check Python version or a script version. Default Python Version Every Python installation have a default version … Read more

Php – Create Hello World Project with Eclipse

[rps-include post=6522] While developing Php applications using IDE will provide a lot of useful feature. Create Hello World Project We have installed required software properly in previous steps. As a first step we will run Eclipse . We can start eclipse in different ways. In this situation we prefer starting it from Program menu like below. … Read more

Php – Install Php In Windows and Create Development Environment with Eclipse

[rps-include post=6522] In this tutorial we will look how to download and install Php and popular IDE called Eclipse . We will download Php interpreter from which is Php language official site. Download Php Interpreter We will download Php interpreter from following link. But there are two popular version of Php. These are named Php5 and … Read more

Introduction to Javascript Programming Language

Javascript is scripting language very popular among developers. Javascript is the programming language of the web. In the recents years Javascript popularity is higher than before because it gained a lot of features with new browsers technologies. There browsers, mobile devices, desktop, game consoles use Javascript. History Javascript initially designed to interact with Html code … Read more

Hello World Python

We have talked about Python programming language previously. You can find them in Programming > Python section. Creating working environment for Python development and running our first python application is the first step to learning PYthon. In this tutorial we will look a Hello World python application about how can we create and run? Create Source Code … Read more

What Is Shebang Linux or Bash Term?

In computing shebang is characters consist of number sign and exclamation mark #!. There are alternative names like she-bang, hash-bang, pound-bang, or hash-piling. Shebang is generally used in script-like text to specify script interpreter or type.  Some languages omit # as comment mark but with ! there is a special meaning. Shebang Syntax Shebang is … Read more