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How To Install Gns3 To Fedora?

Gns3 very useful tool to simulate real networks and systems. In the first days of its Gns3 was simple Cisco IOS image emulator. But recent years its development has gained momentum. This made Gns3 a multip platform, flexible real world simulator. Gns3 supports systems like Cisco, Juniper, Palo Alto, Pfsense,...


How Configure Cisco For Logging

Hi, collecting logs are important. In my daily job I am working with logs about a lot of systems like vmware,application,linux,windows,cisco,checkpoint,pfsense. Logs provides info about the system, application etc. Security incident management systems heavily rely on logs.Logs consist of date system name and event detail like

Here Aug  1 05:39:30.992...


How To Configure Cisco Routers and Switches Password

Hi, today we will look to configure cisco routers and switches with password. It may be seen trivial but very important for security, because a lot of issues a password related. Network devices use a lot of protocols to work and this protocols needs security. Authentication resides in security and...


Changing cisco hostname and disabling cisco domain look up

Hi , today we will look for setting cisco hostname and then disable domain look up. First we change hostname to ismailbaydan.com and then fall back to default hostname which is Switch

First we enable domain look up which is enabled by default and then disable domain look up...


How To Configure RIP Routing For Cisco Ios?

Hi today we will look for some networking stuff. Up to now I have not written any routing related technical post. In this article I am gonna show you some simple dynamic routing with RIP protocol. Routing is divided in to two part which one is static. In static routing...


How To Change Cisco IOS Time

Hi. Today we will look for changing system time and prompt.  You may think that what is the relation between system time and prompt, you are right there is no relation 🙂 . System time is important for network devices because logs get meaning with them and acl, vpn time...

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