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How To Find Default Gateway IP Address?

What is Default Gateway and How To Find Default Gateway?

The default gateway is a network term used to specify a special host that is used to access other networks. The default gateway is also called a default route. One of the other popular use cases for default gateway is using to access the internet. Default Gateway IP Address Network administrators manages the default gateway … Read more

How To Delete Route In Ubuntu Linux?

I have some route in my routing table. But I want to delete one route from routing table. How can accomplish this? List Existing Routes To get detailed information about route that will be removed we list the existing routes in our system. $ sudo ip route show default via dev ens3 dev … Read more

How To Add New Route In Ubuntu, Linux?

I have a box with Ubuntu Linux and I want to add a new route to my box. Because I want to access an external network from a different interface and network. How can I add a new route to my Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Cent-OS Linux box? Because ip-tools is the same for all of … Read more