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Linux Bash While Loop Tutorial with Examples

Linux Bash While Loop Tutorial with Examples

Linux bash provides a lot of mechanisms to make the system administrator’s life easier. These features are similar to the programming language features like variables, decisions, loops, etc. In this tutorial, we will look loops which can be implemented with for and while we have already examined for loops in the following tutorial. Bash For Loop Examples What … Read more

Php – While and Do While Loops

[rps-include post=6522] In previous chapter we have looked for and foreach loops. In this chapter we will look another Php programming language loop while and do while loops. While Loop while loop iterates over given code block unless the condition met. The condition is checked in before every step. If the condition do not meet the while loop will … Read more

C For Loop and Iteration

[rps-include post=6557] For loop is generally used for specified arrays or similar array like lists. For enumerates over given way and checks the condition whether it is met or not. Here is For syntax. for (initialize;condition;increment) { statements } Initialize fired one time at the start of for loop and generally used to set some values. Condition is … Read more

Python For Loop Tutorial With Examples and Range/Xrange Functions

For loop is used to iterate over given sequence. Sequence can be a list, dictionary or similar enumerable object for python programming language. For loop is a bit different from other languages like C, C++, Java … For loop in python mainly uses object to iterate but in other languages counting and statements are used … Read more