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Java String compareTo() Function Tutorial with Examples

Java String compareTo() Function Tutorial with Examples

Java programming language provides the compareTo() function which is used to compare two strings. The comparison is done letter by letter and according to the situation, some results are returned by the compareTo()function. The comparison is done with the Unicode character set. compareTo() Syntax First, we will learn the syntax of the compareTo() function as … Read more

What Is String Data Type In JavaScript, Java, Python, C# , PHP, C, C++, PowerShell Programming Languages?

String is a very popular data type which can be used in different programming languages like JavaScript, Java, Python, C#, PHP, C, C++, PowerShell.  String is mainly used to store characters like a text. Alternative data types are an integer, floating point, etc where they are mainly used for mathematical calculations. For example “I am … Read more

How To Convert String To Int (Integer) In Java?

Java programming language provides different variable types. One of the most used types is String and Int or integer. During the usage of these variable types, we may need to convert them. In this tutorial, we will examine string to int and int to string variables types conversion in Java programming language. Convert with parseInt() … Read more