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Hiding Scroll Bar for Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox

Here is the situation we want to hide scroll bar. We have huge content. But we want to still scroll. We can accomplish this with different tactics. By using Css We can use Css techniques in order to hide and do not show the scrollbar in a browser. This is supported by all major browsers like … Read more

How To Get Query String From Url With Javascript?

Query string is part of URL. After question mark query string begins with simple key-value pairs. Popular JavaScript frameworks provide libraries to get query string with JavaScript. But how can we get it with pure JavaScript without using any JavaScript framework? getParameterByName() Function First we create a function to to get, parse the URL and … Read more

JavaScript “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property ‘…’ of null ” Error Solutions

While writing JavaScript beginners get a lot of Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property ‘…’ of null error message so what is the problem with the code? Define Object During JavaScript Initialization Here is number one reason the object you try to access is not defined. It may define later. It is not a joke because if … Read more