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How To Schedule Tasks From Command Line In Windows With Schtasks

Recurring tasks are generally schedules with scheduled task manager. Scheduled task manager have GUI for management but creating a task in 20 different servers is very hard and trivial job. Windows operating systems provide tool called schtasks which is used to create, modify, delete scheduled tasks. Help Help  about scheduling tasks...


Linux Scheduling Commands With at, atq, atrm and batch Examples

Scheduling commands in IT environments are important. There are tools like at , atq , atrm , batch . We will look all of them in this tutorial. Schedule Job At While scheduling jobs we will use at command. At command have very causal time specification. We will look varying time specification in the next...


How To Run Parallel Jobs/Process/Programs in Bash

We generally run jobs in bash in serial order. There is another way to run jobs which is named parallel. Running parallel means multiple jobs run at the same time. Send Job To The Background

We can see from the output that after command is issued we have two...

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