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Windows Subsystem For Linux (WSL) Installation and Usage Tutorial with Examples

Windows Subsystem For Linux (WSL) Installation and Usage Tutorial with Examples

Windows Subsystem For Linux is a Windows hosting container technology used to run Linux distributions on a Windows Nt Kernel. In this tutorial, we will learn what is Windows Subsystem for Linux, How To Enable/Install WSL and how to install and run different Linux distributions? What Is Windows Subsystem For Linux? Windows Subsystem for Linux … Read more

Linux Bash Environment Variables

Environment is shell running session and session related info. environment is important part of the Linux bash. We can set variables at the current environment and use them. Bash also provides some default environment variables too. Create Variables While Login You may need to create variable at login time of the user. For example to … Read more

How To Download and Install Kali Security and Penetration Test Linux Distribution?

Kali is a Linux distribution or it is a security and penetration test distribution. It is beyond a Linux distribution and provides a lot of useful, popular and featureful tools to the security professionals. Some of popular tools Kali provides nmap metasploit burp sqlmap masscan nikto … Download Kali We should get Kali installation iso … Read more

What is Penetration Test? What Are Penetration Test Phases?

Modern days IT needs are changed according to 80’s and 90’s. In the old days just operating IT was enough for success but today’s situation it is changed. We need to secure the IT environment to in order to be successful. There are different methodologies, standard, architectures to design, plan, implement, evolve the security of … Read more

How To Install Kali Docker Image To The Linux?

Kali is security distribution popular in the Cyber security community. Especially penetration testers really love it. Kali provides a lot of security exploitation tool  to test various systems like server, network, application server, database, VoIP etc. Kali is provided in different formats like virtual machine, ISO file, USB image and container. In this tutorial we … Read more

Linux Tmux Tutorial With Examples

Linux Tmux Tutorial With Examples

Tmux is a terminal multiplexer popular in Linux world. Tmux provides multiple windows in a single session. Tmux also has the ability to detach and run after disconnect and attach after connection. This is very useful for system administrators. What Is Tmux? Tmux is described as terminal multiplexer. This terms means a single terminal can … Read more

How To Find Python Version?

I want to run some python scripts but want to learn version of the python installed on the system. How can I do that? This works almost all operating systems from Windows to Linux, from Mac OS to Bsd. Get Version Of Default Python Interpreter We can get default python interpreter version like below. As … Read more

How To Run Shell Script or Command On Remote With SSH

I want to run my commands securely. Is there any way for this? Yes, there are a lot of options. But the most simple and secure way is running scripts or commands over ssh. Run Command On Remote System SSH is a very powerful tool that can invoke provided commands on a remote system or … Read more

Ubuntu, Debian, Kali Ssh Installation

I want to connect my Linux server securely. Security is important nowadays. OpenSSH is a secure shell for remote connections. OpenSSH is very popular and have very life saver features. Installation Installation of ssh is like below. ssh full package name is Openssh-server which provides daemon, client and auxiliary tools for ssh. Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, … Read more

How To Install Tenable Nessus into Kali?

Nessus is very good tool to manage vulnerabilities or vulnerability scanning. How can I install Nessus into my dpkg based pentest box? My distro my Debian, Ubuntu, Kali etc. Get License Key First step is license key. In old days Nessus was provided by Kali distribution as home version. There was no day limit of … Read more