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How To Check, Show and Print Linux Version with Commands?

How To Check, Show and Print Linux Version with Commands?

Linux is the kernel and there are a lot of distributions those use kernel. Distributions provide different experience and flavors to the users. Some times getting distribution and version information from a Linux box became very important. We will look at how to get Linux kernel and distribution from the Linux system. Kernel Information Kernel … Read more

Linux OS and Distributions

Newcomers to Linux world generally confuse or no idea about distributions. We call generally the operating system as Linux but actually Linux is just a kernel. So why we call all of them Linux because kernel is very important and without Linux kernel the distributions can not be exists. But reverse Linux can exist without … Read more

How To Compile Linux Kernel From Source Code?

Hi, today we are going to compile Linux kernel. you can think that compiling kernel is very complicated and hard for you. But it is not. It is more easy to compile than a lot of other projects. Because Linux kernel has no dependency to a library or other tools. It needs just ncurses development … Read more

How To Get Linux Kernel Version?

Linux kernel is the core of the Linux based operating systems we call them simply Linux. But sometimes they called Linux Distributions. Kernel initialize system with hardware. Manages hardware to provide services for upper layer operating system application. Kernel do memory management which means allot memory for applications or frees the memory. Manages processes by … Read more