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What Is Linux SIGINT (Signal Interrupt)?

Operating systems like Linux and Windows uses signals in order to communicate with each other and other components. There are different signal types which define different case and message. In this tutorial, we will learn and explain the SIGINT or Signal Interrupt. SIGINT or Signal Interrupt As its name suggests the SIGINT is named as … Read more

What Is Linux SIGTERM Signal and Difference with SIGKILL

Unix and Linux like operating systems processes uses SIGNALS in order to communicate each other. For example If we can to kill a process we need to send a signal to process we want to kill. This signal will be SIGTERM and send by kill or similar commands. In this tutorial we will examine the SIGTERM … Read more

Pgrep and Pkill Command Tutorial With Examples For Linux

While working process general ps command is used. Ps command provides detailed information about processes those run on the system. We generally use grep command with ps to filter or match. There is a alternative and more practical way to work process. Pgrep and pkill can be used to manage, list and kill process. Syntax pgrep [options] pattern … Read more

Linux fuser Command Tutorial With Examples

Linux have a lot of tools to manage processes and network. But fuser is one of the most popular tool which combines process and network management in a single command. fuser can display process according to their directory, file and network handles. Also it can kill these process according to various parameter. Syntax fuser [options] [file|socket] Help … Read more

Killing Linux Processes With killall Command

We have previously looked the command kill to kill process accordion to their names, owners, etc. But using only kill command to kill a process according to its owner is done with supportive commands like grep. In this tutorial, we will look more compact and all in one command killall . killall Command Syntax The syntax … Read more

Linux Kill Process Tutorial With Examples

Linux Kill Process Tutorial With Examples

Operating systems are a bed for applications. These applications are executed as processes. Process start, waits, and ends. Through their lifetime their complete given jobs. In this guide, we will look at how to kill the Linux process in different ways. List Running Processes To kill the process we need to get information about the … Read more