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What Is AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting)?

What Is AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting)?

AAA or Authentication, Authorization and Accounting is a term used to describe 3 functions in IT. Mainly AAA is used to control access to different IT resources like network, service, server, etc. AAA simply consists of 3 steps where each completes others for perfect security. What Is Authentication? Authentication is the process of identifying a … Read more

What Is LDAP Protocol Port Number? Compare LDAP Ports 389 vs 636

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol or LDAP is used to authenticate and authorize users. LDAP is used in different infrastructures like Windows Domain, Linux, Network, etc. LDAP uses different port numbers like 389 and 636. LDAP is used by different software like OpenLDAP, Microsoft Active Directory, Netscape Directory Server, Novell eDirectory, etc. LDAP is developed to access … Read more

How To Install, Configure and Test Open Ldap Server For Ubuntu

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol is a protocol developed for managing users, groups access, rights in a IT environment.  There are different protocols used for authentication and authorization but LDAP is most popular and compatible protocol. LDAP can be used to integrate Windows Active Directory with Linux and other non Windows systems. Active directory also provides … Read more