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What Is DLL (Dynamic Link Library) File?

What Is DLL (Dynamic Link Library) File?

Dynamic Link Library or DLL is a term used to describe the shared library concept on the Microsoft platforms. DLL is a technology and file format created to pack libraries in an easily share and useable format by Microsoft. DLL files generally have the *.dll file extensions in general bu .ocx and *.drv can be … Read more

How To Set Path In Bash Shell Linux?

How To Set Path In Bash Shell Linux?

Linux bash shell provides a lot of information into running applications. PATH is one of the most important ones which is used to locate binary files and libraries. In some situations, we may need to edit, add or remove some paths and locations from the bash PATH variable. In this tutorial, we will differently use … Read more

How To Install and Use OpenSSL Library In Python Applications?

OpenSSL is popular security library used by a lot of products, applications, vendors. OpenSSL provides libraries for the most of the programming languages. Python is popular programming language too. We can use OpenSSL library in Python applications. In this tutorial we will develop an example application that uses OpenSSL Python Library and bindings. Install OpenSSL … Read more

How To Register and Unregister Windows DLL Files with Regsrv32 Command

Dynamic Link Libraries provides helper libraries to the applications. Dynamic Link Libraries also called DLL. DLL’s provides reusable libraries, data and code which can be used by multiple applications or executables. In order to use system wide DLL’s easily we should register them. regsrv32 is a tool used to register DLL’s to the operating system. Syntax … Read more

Python Standard Library

Python is popular language where it provides a lot of features. These features provides easy ways to accomplish programming tasks. But only using Python language features is not enough to write successful applications. There is also big need for libraries. Libraries provides easy to to generic functions, classes, lists and various structures. Python Standard Library is … Read more

Manage Libraries With ldconfig Command In Linux

Linux applications, tools, services uses libraries to get necessary functionalities. Libraries provides a lot of functionality to the related applications, tools and services. One library can be used by different applications. This is called dynamic library using or loading. Shared Libraries Shared libraries reside in /lib , /lib64 and /usr/lib . Each library is put into related directories … Read more