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Virt Install Tool For Virtualization With KVM and Qemu For Linux

Virtualization and cloud computing is future of the IT. There are a lot of tools and architectures to make virtual the systems. Every big vendor have their original or clone virtualization technology or ecosystem. Linux provides KVM, Qemu for opensource, fast virtualization. Open source cloud ecosystem Openstack is mainly positioned...


How To Use Virt-Manager, Libvirt With Normal User Without Root Privileges and Without Asking Password

Virt-manager and libvirt is core tools used for virtualization in Linux ecosystem. As a end user I am using these tools to create and run virtual machines. I am running this tools as normal user without using privigleged user like root But every time I try to run these tool...


How To Mount VM Images with Guestmount?

Hi to day we are going to give more examples about the libguestfs tools. We will look today guestmount tool. To mount a disk image with specified partition on a file.

Normally guestmount mounts the disk or partition with read-write options if you want to mount readonly use -r...


Linux Virt-Customize Tutorial

I have given a time slot from my last article. Now I am back and resume from where we are. I am gonna show you today a pratical and usefull tool for managing linux virtual machines and disks. Whit virutliaztion people start to use a lot of vms in their...


How To Change Ram Size On Running VM In Libvirt

I have a bunch of vms in my laptop and need regularly to change their ram size because I have only 8 GB ram. As I said before I use linux kvm for virtualization. Virsh is my tool to manage vms that runs on kvm hypervisor. There is the value...


How To Get Volume Information of VM in Libvirt

To get volume info from virsh use the following command from virsh


How To Update VMs with Libguestfs Tools

I am using fedora 21 and running vms with kvm/libvirt. I have a lot of vms and generally they cannot get current. I want to update them regularly but this is time consuming and boring work. I prefer automated mechanism and here is what I use. I am using libguestfs...


Libvirt Tutorial

Hi today we are gonna look for managing vms especially in linux with libvirt. Libvirt is a library and tools to manage vms. Livirt development is suppported by Redhat and defacto tool in linux world. In linux Kvm/qemu is generally used for virtuulization but libvirt supports Xen, Virtualbox, Vmware, Hyperv...


Linux Livbirt Terminology

Libvirt is a framework supported by Red Hat to manage virtulization in linux environments. Libvirt is very popular and used by virt-manager, openstack etc. Libvirt sits between user level and kernel level then provides practical api to manage vms. Libivirt supports kvm, vmware, hyperv etc. but developed natively for kvm....


How To Create Snapshot of KVM / Libvirt / Qemu Vm?

Kvm is a hypervisor used by a lot of linux distributions. I am currently using it and very happy with it. I have most of the abilities paid hypervisors like HyperV, Vmware provides. Snapshots is picture of the vm in specified time. For example we will install new application but...

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