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Linux Bash exit and Exit Codes

Linux bash shell provide simple but useful programming environment. We can write simple applications, scripts which will run commands, redirect input and outputs and create, stop process. After the execution of the script or function we may need to provide some information to script caller. exit keyword is used to end given script with useful information. … Read more

Linux Bash Pipe Command Usage with Examples For Redirection

Linux Bash Pipe Command Usage with Examples For Redirection

Linux Bash provides a lot of useful features and commands. Pipe or | is one of them. Bash provides a command-line interface facility which mainly used to concatenate command output to another command. Bash Pipe Concept In Linux everything is file. This may seem odd but it is. Every command executed will have three type of … Read more

Linux Echo Bash Variables Accordingly with Special Characters

Bash shell provides environment and shell variables in order to hold data. These variables helps system administrators during the operations by giving clues and helpers. echo command is used to put these variables to the standard output but in some cases some characters may misinterpreted and not work. In this tutorial we will look how … Read more

Linux Bash Tutorial Index

Introduction To Linux Bash Programming Linux Bash Directories and Files Linux Bash Environment Variables Linux Bash Variables Linux Bash Functions Linux Bash If Else Conditionals Linux Bash Create and Run Script Files Linux Bash Operators Linux Bash Arrays Linux Bash Input, Output and Redirection Linux Bash History Linux Bash Alias Linux Bash .bashrc File Linux … Read more

Linux Bash Arrays and Elements

Linux Bash Arrays and Elements

Creating a variable is easy and very useful to make simple applications. If the variable count goes up managing variables becomes a pain. Think that if the variables count is higher than 100 how easily can be created, assigned. There is a simpler usage for multiple variables. It is called an array. An array is … Read more

Linux pwd Command Tutorial With Examples

Linux pwd command is the acronym of the print working directory . This command is a very old and popular command. This command does do not have a lot of features. But the features it has are very useful for us. Pwd is supported by Linux, AIX, HP-UX, BSD, UNIX. Print Current Working Directory The ultimate usage … Read more