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What Is Fedora (Linux Operating System/Distribution)?

What Is Fedora (Linux Operating System/Distribution)?

Fedora is a Linux based operating system which provides innovative, free, and open-source platform for hardware, pc, laptop, cloud, and containers. Fedora is also called a Linux distribution where it uses the Linux kernel as the core of the operating system. Fedora History Fedora distribution is officially released on 6 November 2003 for the first … Read more

What Is Kernel (Operating System)?

What Is Kernel (Operating System)?

The Kernel is the core part of a computer, smartphone operating system. The kernel operates in the lowest layer according to the operating system architecture which is responsible for different tasks like memory management, device management, process management, etc. Without a kernel, the operating system, applications, the software couldn’t run. How Kernel Works? In order … Read more

What Is Linux nfsd Process and Meaning?

NFS is Unix and Linux type network based file system. This file system is served over network. In order to serve file system with files and directory nfsd daemon is used. It is actually a kernel module with a service. NFS is the short form of Network Files System. Installation We can install NFS client tools … Read more

How To Download, Compile and Install Custom Linux Kernel Manually In Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Kali, CentOS?

Linux is a Operating System kernel and user space applications will create different distributions like CentOS, Ubuntu, Mint, Kali around this kernel. Kernel can be downloaded freely and used without any license fee. In this tutorial we will learn how to download Linux Kernel from and compiling with GCC . An the last step … Read more

Linux VMware Workstation Not Enough Physical Memory Is Available Error and Solution

Linux VMware Workstation Not Enough Physical Memory Is Available Error and Solution

VMware is a Linux based virtualization system that provides rich features. VMware supported by different platforms like Windows, MacOSX, Linux. As WMware is a closed source product we need to make some manual work on Linux systems. If we are using Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Mint, and similar up-to-date systems whose own kernel newer than 4.8 … Read more

Linux Uname Command Tutorial With Examples To List Operating System, Kernel, Machine, Processor Architecture

uname  command is a simple tool that provides information about the kernel, machine, processor, and operating system. There are a lot of more complex and feature applications that can provide more information but the simplicity makes uname best choose. Syntax We will use the following syntax for uname command. uname [OPTION]… Help Brief help can … Read more

Linux OS and Distributions

Newcomers to Linux world generally confuse or no idea about distributions. We call generally the operating system as Linux but actually Linux is just a kernel. So why we call all of them Linux because kernel is very important and without Linux kernel the distributions can not be exists. But reverse Linux can exist without … Read more

How To Compile Linux Kernel From Source Code?

Hi, today we are going to compile Linux kernel. you can think that compiling kernel is very complicated and hard for you. But it is not. It is more easy to compile than a lot of other projects. Because Linux kernel has no dependency to a library or other tools. It needs just ncurses development … Read more

How To Update and Upgrade Linux Kernel?

I  have Ubuntu systems and I have an old kernel. I want to upgrade my Linux system kernel. How can I do that? Linux kernel can be upgraded by two ways one way is getting source code compiling and installing it. The second way is by using the package manager to update the kernel. We … Read more

How To Get Linux Kernel Version?

Linux kernel is the core of the Linux based operating systems we call them simply Linux. But sometimes they called Linux Distributions. Kernel initialize system with hardware. Manages hardware to provide services for upper layer operating system application. Kernel do memory management which means allot memory for applications or frees the memory. Manages processes by … Read more