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How To Create a Drop-Down List In Excel?

How To Create a Drop-Down List In Excel?

Excel provides the drop-down list in order to provide multiple options to select one. The drop-down list can be created in different ways and options. In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a drop-down list for excel. What Is Drop-down List? The drop-down list provides multiple options where these options are selected from … Read more

Python range() Function Tutorial with Examples

Python programming language provides range() function in order to create a sequence of numbers in a different start number, increments, etc. range() function provides lightweight creation of sequences during run-time which makes this type of execution faster. Syntax and Parameters range() function has the following syntax where 3 parameters can be accepted but not all … Read more

Powershell Array Tutorial with Examples

Powershell arrays are used to store a collection of elements in a single variable. These elements do not to be the same type and declared in different ways. Create Array We will start with a simple example where we will create an array by providing the items. Items will be delimited with the comma. The … Read more

Foreach Usage In PHP, JavaScript, Java, C#, Python Programming Languages with Examples

Loops are an important part of the programming languages. For and While loops are used for decades in different programming languages. Foreach provides similar functionality in a more elegant way by iterating over the given list. In this tutorial, we will examine foreach in different programming languages like PHP, JavaScript, Java, C# and Python. PHP … Read more

How To Control Python For Loop with Break Statement?

How To Control Python For Loop with Break Statement?

Python provides for loops in order to iterate over the given list, dictionary, array, or similar iterable types. During iteration, we may need to break and exit from the loop according to the current condition. In this tutorial, we will look at how to break a python for loop with break statement with different examples. Break Syntax break statement … Read more

How To Loop and Iterate Over Python Dictionary?

How To Loop and Iterate Over Python Dictionary?

Dictionaries provide simple data types with value and key. Dictionary data may be used in an iteration with for loop. By using for mechanism we can iterate over dictionary elements easily. In this tutorial, we will look at different ways to iterate over dictionary elements. Example Dictionary We will use following dictionary type named mydict in this … Read more

C – Arrays

[rps-include post=6557] Arrays are different from primitive types like integer,chars. Arrays provides fixed length sequential data. All of the data is same type. We can think array like a same type list. Arrays uses indexes to specify specific item in array. Declaring Arrays There is two must do to define array. One is the type … Read more

Python Type Function with Examples

Python provides a lot of different types for programming purposes. While using these structs we may need to decide which variable or identifier is which type. Python provides builtin type function in order to decide given identifier types. We just need to provide the identifier to the type function. Identify Type We will provide our identifier or … Read more

How To Convert List To String in Python?

Python provides different variable types for programmers’ usage. We can use int, float, string, list, set … data types in our applications. While using different types of variables we may need to convert them to different types. In this tutorial, we will different types of conversion from the list to string in Python. Convert Using … Read more