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How To Remove Symbolic Links In Linux?

Symbolic links provides practical solutions file name or path related problems. Symbolic links will create same file or folder with different name and path. In some situations this may cause problem and we have to remove and delete symbolic link. List Symbolic Links We can start by listing existing links...


Useful Linux Commands A System Administrator Should Know

Linux is command based operating system. Most of things are done in cli based environment bash . In this tutorial we will look popular and useful commands used by Linux system administrators and user. You can access detailed tutorials simply clicking links below. tr tr command is used to translate or delete...


Linux Unix Symbolic Soft and Hard Links with ln Command

Linux provides different ways to work with files. Generally a file is accessed directly. But there are some situations to create links those are used as original file. Link Types As we will see in the following of this tutorial there is two type of links named soft link and...

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