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“Perl warning Setting locale failed” Error and Solution In Linux

All operating systems uses some locale settings to properly interpret language related data. In Linux this settings are called as locale and used even without GUI or desktop environment. They are generally configured during installation of the operating system but also changed after installation. “Perl warning Setting locale failed” is mostly occurring error after installation. Which is caused by locale miss configuration. In this tutorial we will look how to solve this...


How To Download and Install Kali Security and Penetration Test Linux Distribution?

Kali is a Linux distribution or it is a security and penetration test distribution. It is beyond a Linux distribution and provides a lot of useful, popular and featureful tools to the security professionals. Some of popular tools Kali provides nmap metasploit burp sqlmap masscan nikto … Download Kali We should get Kali installation iso image from internet official Kali site. Light version provides only popular tools which seems to...


How To Set Locale In Linux?

Locale is configuration of a Linux system that provides region,keyboard, time related data. Locale is important because it will change the interpretation of the some keyboards etc. If you are getting following warning like Setting locale failed we will look how to solve it List Current Locale Setting Listing of current locale settings can be done just issuing locale command. We do not need to provide any option for listing.


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