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How To Download, Compile and Install Custom Linux Kernel Manually In Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Kali, CentOS?

Linux is a Operating System kernel and user space applications will create different distributions like CentOS, Ubuntu, Mint, Kali around this kernel. Kernel can be downloaded freely and used without any license fee. In this tutorial we will learn how to download Linux Kernel from and compiling with GCC . An the last step … Read more

CMake Tutorial To Build and Compile In Linux

CMake Tutorial To Build and Compile In Linux

Binaries are created by building or compiling sources like C, C++, etc. In simple applications, we can build by using the compiler like GCC directly. But this is inconvenient if the application is big and has a lot of source code, configuration file, and build options. Developers generally prefer to build systems like make but … Read more

How To Install Tar.Gz or Tar.Bz2 Application Source Code?

As a systems administrator I generally use package managers to install software. But in some situations I can not use package manager because provided software version is old or do not compatible. In this situations how can I install new software from source code by compiling. Software source code can be get in different forms … Read more