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What Is Wildcard Character(s)?

What Is Wildcard Character(s)?

The wildcard character generally acts like an asterisk character. The wildcard is generally used in programming, scripting, IT in order to express special meanings for different cases. Wild Character or Wildcard Character or Wildcard Well, the character is actually not important but the function is more important for the wildcard. So different sayings are not … Read more

PHP Glob() Function To Match Path, Directory, File Names with Examples

glob is a general term used to define techniques to match specified pattern according to rules related Unix shell. Linux and Unix systems and shells also supports glob and also provide function glob() in system libraries. In this tutorial we will look glob() function usage in PHP programming language. Exact String Search We will start with a simple … Read more

How To Grep Multiple Strings, Patterns or Regex in A Text File In Linux?

grep  provides a lot of features to match strings, patterns or regex in a given text. One of the most used feature is to match two or more, multiple string, patterns or regex. In this tutorial we will look different examples about these features. If you need more general tutorial about regex please look following article. … Read more