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Linux Time Command Tutorial With Examples To Get Programs Resource Usage

Linux time command provides commands and programs usage statistics especially as CPU load. Time command gets real command as parameter like below. Time taken in user mode Time taken in kernel mode Time taken in real mode Memory usage Syntax We will use following syntax for time command.

Run If we run the time command without any option  we will see following output. In this example we want to run...


Atop Command Tutorial With Examples To Monitor Linux System Metrics

Atop is a monitoring tool which is mainly developed for command line usage. It is capable of showing detailed information about process, memory, disk network information and metrics. Atop commands provides more details than popular top command. Syntax We will use following syntax for atop command.

Help Help information like flags, options cna be listed with -h option.

Start atop Atop can be started just issuing atop command. But to...


Linux iostat Command Tutorial With Examples

Linux iostat is part of the sysstat utilities. iostat command is mainly used to track input output related events and issues. iostat command can provide metrics, information and statistics about input and output. Install Iostat is installed with sysstat tools which is explained in the following page. Help Help about iosstat can be get with –help options like below.Simple help provides information about the syntax too.

Basic iostat have...


Linux System Activity Reporter (SAR) Command Tutorial With Examples

Monitoring Linux servers is important part of the system administration. There are a lot of way and tools to monitor Linux servers. System Activity Reporter or simply sar is one of the most popular and useful tool. Sar can save system stats from various subsystems like disk, CPU, memory, network etc. to file and used to review historical performance metrics. There is also different tools to provide graphical presentation from...

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