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Best Linux Distros of 2020

Best Linux Distros of 2020

Linux the world of mystery, alternatives, different characteristics. These features of the Linux has colored also the version or distributions of the Linux. Linux provides a lot of different distros each of them represents a different soul. In this tutorial, we will examine the features, pros&const, and use cases of the different well known and … Read more

The Top Linux Distributions (Distros)

Linux is mostly known with its distributions or distros but the reality is that Linux is just a kernel or core of the operating system. All user space and some of the operating space related tools are provided by distributions. We can actually call distribution as a operating system. Linux is very different from Windows … Read more

Linux Bash Environment Variables

Environment is shell running session and session related info. environment is important part of the Linux bash. We can set variables at the current environment and use them. Bash also provides some default environment variables too. Create Variables While Login You may need to create variable at login time of the user. For example to … Read more

limits.conf File To Limit Users, Process In Linux With Examples

limits.conf configuration file is used to limit user, domain, process-related metrics. Limits.conf is related to pam_limits module. limits.conf Configuration File There is a configuration file named limits.conf and located at /etc/security/ . The default content of this file is as below. We can see that there are different columns named domain , type , item and value . #<domain> … Read more

Linux stat Command Tutorial With Examples

Linux stat command used to display files and file system information like permission, size etc. In this tutorial we will look various usage examples. Show File Information All information about a file can be get without providing any parameter. We will only provide the file name. $ stat a.txt As we can see from screenshot … Read more

Linux Cut Command With Examples

Linux provides cut command for remove sections from each line of output in bash. cut command provides a mechanism to filter extract column/text from a file or standard output. Detailed examples can be found below. We have the following text file named fruits.txt apple   1       good grape   5       bad banana  2       not bad Syntax cut … Read more

Linux Tmux Tutorial With Examples

Linux Tmux Tutorial With Examples

Tmux is a terminal multiplexer popular in Linux world. Tmux provides multiple windows in a single session. Tmux also has the ability to detach and run after disconnect and attach after connection. This is very useful for system administrators. What Is Tmux? Tmux is described as terminal multiplexer. This terms means a single terminal can … Read more

Best Tools To Monitor Linux

As a system administrator monitoring systems is very important job. Actually we can state that half of system administrating is monitoring and anticipating systems and their events. In this tutorial, we will look at Linux monitoring tools and their features. As I know there is a lot of tools to monitor and debug Linux system, … Read more

How To Show Linux File Size In Different Ways?

One of the most asked questions about files in Linux is how can I list file sizes in different formats? In this post, we will look at different commands to get file sizes. ls Command ls command is a primary command to list and get information about files and directories in Linux. ls command can … Read more

Linux Kill Process Tutorial With Examples

Linux Kill Process Tutorial With Examples

Operating systems are a bed for applications. These applications are executed as processes. Process start, waits, and ends. Through their lifetime their complete given jobs. In this guide, we will look at how to kill the Linux process in different ways. List Running Processes To kill the process we need to get information about the … Read more