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Multiprocessing and Parallel Programming In Python 0

Multiprocessing and Parallel Programming In Python

Multiprocessing is creating, running, ending multiple processes and threads from a single process for a specific purpose. Python programming language provides a lot of different features of multiprocessing. Multiprocessing Features Multiprocessing provides a lot of features to the program or applications developers. We will list some of the below. Performance is the most popular feature of multiprocessing. A single process task can be divided into multiple ones where each process...


How To Scan WordPress Sites With Wpscan (Tutorial) For Security Vulnerabilities?

WordPress is very popular Content Management System (CMS). It is used by diverse range of users by different purposes and areas. This makes WordPress project very dynamic and rich. The security of the wordpress is important because of the its user base. There are also a lot of different plugins which can create security holes in the wordpress sites. In this tutorial we will look very good tool to scan...

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