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How To Rename Directories and Folders In Linux?

Renaming or moving directories and folder can be tricky if those directories and folders have some subfolders. Or the destination may have all ready same name folder which will create some error. In this tutorial we will look how to rename and move directories and folders in Linux. Rename Using Mv Command The defacto command for rename directories and folders is mv . mv is the short form for the move . We...


Useful Linux Commands A System Administrator Should Know

Linux is command based operating system. Most of things are done in cli based environment bash . In this tutorial we will look popular and useful commands used by Linux system administrators and user. You can access detailed tutorials simply clicking links below. tr tr command is used to translate or delete characters in the given text. Linux tr Command Tutorial With Examples ps ps command is used to list and get detailed...


Linux mv Command Tutorial with Examples To Move Files

Linux mv command is used to move or rename files. We generally provide the source and destination files and directories to mv command. Syntax

Move The regular usage of mv command is moving files or directories. We will provide source files or directory and destination file or directory. In this example we will move or rename directory named backup into live .

Force If there is files and folders in  the destination the...


Linux Rename Files And Folders With Rename Command With Examples

I have some files and directories and I want to rename those. How can I rename them? or are there any alternative methods? Linux provides different tools and commands in order to rename files and directories. In this tutorial we will examine mv and  rename commands. Syntax Basic and most used method to rename files is using mv command. Here is mv command example usage

Linux rename file is easy. As we see...


How To Rename Multiple Files In Linux?

Renaming multiple parts always seems a difficult job and renaming can be done only senior system administrator. Actually it is very easy as long as the situation is not so complex. Rename Command Rename command will change files names according to the rules specified. Rename command also supports perlexpr. Rename is also know with rename.ul in some distributions but recently rename command can be used.

Rename files specified *.jpg...

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