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Php Tutorial

[rps-include post=6522] Php is a programming language mainly developed for web programming. Php language is created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994. Php have different version those have create in history. Most recent version of Php is 7.0 but the 5.X series Php is most popular version. Features Php gets it features from different languages like … Read more

How To Create a Database and Table In MySQL and MariaDB?

How To Create Database and Table In MySQL and MariaDB?

MySQL database is a very popular database server used by a lot of small and big companies. In this tutorial we will look at the basics of MySQL server like creating databases and tables, populating data into tables. MySQL installation can be done with the following tutorial for Linux operating systems. How to Install Mariadb/Mysql … Read more

How To List MySQL Database Users?

How To List MySQL Database Users?

MySQL database server has users to connect and use databases and tables. Users provide security for database operations. MySQL server comes with default users or in the operations, a lot of users are created. In this post, we will look at how to list these users. Connect To MySQL Database We will connect to the … Read more

How To List MySQL / MariaDB Database?

How To List MySQL / MariaDB Database?

MySQL is a very popular opensource database. MySQL is created by MySQL AB a Swedish company and then bought by Sun. Sun is bought by Oracle and MySQL is currently owned by Oracle. MySQL is very popular in the opensource community. In this post, we will look at how to list databases in MySQL. Check … Read more

How To List MySQL/MariaDB Databases

I have some MySQL databases. I have no previous experience with MySQL. How can we list existing databases with bash?MySQL and MariaDB are using the same code base and tools. So we can use the following instructions to list MariaDB too. Check Database Service First we will check if the MySQL or MariaDB database service … Read more

How To Access MySQL Database From Java Applications?

Java is popular programming language generally used commercial and enterprise applications. MySql is popular database too which is used big service providers like Google, Facebook etc. Most of the applications generally uses data and needs to store this data in a relational database. MySQL is generally the first choice if we do not want to … Read more

What is The Difference Between Inner and Outer Join?

Sql is the language where a lot of data can be get with different logic. In an enterprise environment we may need to use complex SQL queries to get meaningful data. Inner is one of the logic where we join two tables with different magic. Example Tables In order to understand Inner and Outer Joins … Read more

How To Use Mysql / MariaDB From Console?

Mysql is one of the most popular databases in IT world. It is open source and have rich features were paid databases provides. MariaDB is fork of the MySQL and very similar to it. We have already looked how to login and do simple steps in this post Getting Help In order to connect to … Read more