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Windows Diskpart Command Tutorial

Windows Diskpart Command Tutorial

diskpart is a Windows utility to create partitions on the disk. It is similar to the Linux fdisk utility. diskpart provides an interactive command shell where we will enter related commands to partition, format disk, and volumes. In order to run diskpart we need Administrator privileges. The best way to get Administrator privilege is opening MS-DOS as Administrator … Read more

Windows Chkdsk Utility Tutorial

Windows Chkdsk Utility Tutorial with Examples To Fix File System Errors

Check Disk or chkdsk command is used to detect FAT16, FAT32, NTFS file system related errors, and fix them. Chkdsk can not recover corrupted files which are a hard situation. Chkdsk can be run from the command line or from GUI but the command line use is the most practical way. What Is Chkdsk? chkdsk … Read more

How To Compress Files and Folders In File System Level With Compact Command In Windows NTFS?

Windows modern file system NTFS provides some compression mechanisms to gain more space in disks and partitions. This compression operation is done mainly with compact command. This command do not directly compress the files as we stated in the start compression operation is done by NTFS file system in the file system level. So we do … Read more

How To Use Fsutil To Check and Repair File System In Windows?

Windows provides command line tool named fsutils to manage disk related issues. This tool provides management capabilities volume information to repairing file system, setting quotas to listing free space. In this tutorial we will look most needed usage scenarios of the fsutil command. Help Help about fsutil command can be get with just issuing the … Read more

Linux fsck Command Tutorial With Examples

Linux have a lot of utilities to manage, diagnose, check and correct different type of file  systems. these utilities provide a lot of features especially Linux native file systems like ext2,ext3,ext4 etc. One of the most popular tool is fsck tool. In this tutorial we will look general usage of fsck Syntax Fsck have similar syntax … Read more

Linux Mount Command Tutorial With Examples

As we know Linux operating system mainly uses files and folders as operational units. Files folders are stored in file systems and disks. There are different tools to manage file systems and disks. But mount is de facto command used to mount and list disks and file systems? In this tutorial, we will look at … Read more

Creating File Systems In Linux With mkfs

File systems are the main component of operating systems. File systems provide the required infrastructure for holding data permanently operating system level. Linux supports diverse types of file systems. We will look at how to create major file systems on partitions. The standard tool for Linux to create an operating system is mkfs. Create Ext4 … Read more

How To Use Linux df Command with Examples?

df is a command-line tool used to get information about disk usage. df is created under the GNU project and provided for different Linux distributions like Ubuntu, Mint, CentOS, Fedora, RHEL, SUSE, Debian, BSD, and Unix. Getting Help About df We can get help about df with –help parameter. Keep in mind that -h is used for … Read more