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Linux /dev/null Explanation

Linux mainly works over files and input output operations. All connected devices are shown in the /dev directory. null is interesting device which is just nothing. In this tutorial we will look what /dev/null is and used for. Emptiness As stated previously null is just empty device which is like...


Python JSON Encoder and Decoder Tutorial with Examples

JSON or Javascript Object Notations is a RFC standard which is used to define complex data types with number 7159.  JSON became very popular in recent years because of its compatibility and simplicity. Python have rich support web applications and popular framework Django is developed with python too. So we generally...


How To Use Null Values In Django Model Fields

While I was looking django framework I need to add some fields to the model class but because of I have migrated current class and saved some value for this model django gives warning like this. You are trying to add a non-nullable field ‘type’ to word without a default;...

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