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How To Install Java (JRE) Update On Windows?

Java is a programming language that is very popular amongst developers. In order to run Java applications Java Runtime Environment a.k.a. JRE should be installed. As new features come or security bugs fixed JRE is updated regularly. Java or JRE can be updated in different ways where we will look at these ways in this … Read more

How To Install OpenJDK Java Programming Framework To The Linux?

Java is popular programming language for different platforms and project. Java is actually a programming language standard. Sun provides Java programming language tools under the name of Java Runtime Environment or JRE or Java Development Kit or JDK.  There is alternative name OpenJDK which is another Java implementation. In this tutorial we will learn how … Read more

How To Find and Verify Installed Java Runtime Version?

How To Find and Verify Installed Java Runtime Version?

Java Runtime Environment is used to run Java applications. Java Runtime Environment is called JRE. There are different versions of JRE most recent major versions are 6,7,8. Some of the applications generally require a different version because of comp ability problems. In this tutorial, we will look at how to get JRE or Java versions … Read more

How To Set Java Home Path In Linux?

Java is a popular programming language and framework in the IT industry. There are a lot of applications developed with Java. Java requires Java Development Kit to develop applications. Compiled java applications can run on systems those are installed Java Runtime Environment a.k.a JRE. We will look in this post on how to set and … Read more

How To Check Java Version

Java is a very popular programming language between the open source communities. Java is used for a lot of opensource projects. To run java applications it Java Run time Environment or Java Development Kit should be installed. We can check specific version java like below. “Java Command Not Found” Error Oh, there is a problem. the … Read more