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What Is Word Processor?

What Is Word Processor?

Word Processor is a term used to describe a hardware or software which is used for input, edit, format, output, convert some text. Even first-word processors are hardware-based or provide very basic features for word processing. Modern word processors like MS Word, Libre Office, OpenOffice, etc. provide advanced features. Word Processor History Word processor history … Read more

What Is DOCX File and How To Open, Edit and Convert DOCX?

DOC or DOCX is a documenting format developed by Microsoft. DOC and DOCX formats are mainly used in the Microsoft Office Word application. DOCX is the newer and enhanced version of the DOC format. DOC and DOCX documents contain text, images, shapes, styles, graphics, animations, videos, and page formatting. After Microsoft Word 2003 DOC format … Read more

How To Download and Install LibreOffice In Windows

Microsoft Office is very popular office tool which is used more than office tool. It is used like an application development environment, graphic creation app, report generator etc. Buy as we know there is a price to use Microsoft Office suit. But hopefully opensource community provides alternative to this crucial tool named Libreoffice. In the … Read more