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modprobe, lsmod, modinfo Command Tutorial With Examples To Load, List Linux Kernel Modules

What makes an Operating system Linux Distribution? All Linux distributions use same kernel named Linux Kernel. Linux kernel provides operating system services, hardware management, process management, memory management etc. Linux kernel is a monolithic kernel which means single executable all in one. But the operating systems should provide dynamic environments to comply user needs. Linux … Read more

What Is Unix?

Unix operating system is the root of multi-tasking operating systems. We can call Unix as the first modern operating system that provides advanced operating system features like kernel, development tool, user and admin commands, multi-tasking, etc. Unix operating system is developed 1970’s in Bell Labs research center by Ken Thompson, Dennis Richie, and others. Unix … Read more

Linux OS and Distributions

Newcomers to Linux world generally confuse or no idea about distributions. We call generally the operating system as Linux but actually Linux is just a kernel. So why we call all of them Linux because kernel is very important and without Linux kernel the distributions can not be exists. But reverse Linux can exist without … Read more

How To Compile Linux Kernel From Source Code?

Hi, today we are going to compile Linux kernel. you can think that compiling kernel is very complicated and hard for you. But it is not. It is more easy to compile than a lot of other projects. Because Linux kernel has no dependency to a library or other tools. It needs just ncurses development … Read more

How To Update and Upgrade Linux Kernel?

I  have Ubuntu systems and I have an old kernel. I want to upgrade my Linux system kernel. How can I do that? Linux kernel can be upgraded by two ways one way is getting source code compiling and installing it. The second way is by using the package manager to update the kernel. We … Read more