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What Is Relational Database Management System (RDMS)?

What Is Relational Database Management System (RDMS)?

Database systems are an important part of the IT system. Relational Database Management System is a database that mainly stored data in a relational model by creating different relations between different data. Relational Database Management Systems simply called RDMS. RDMS mainly uses the Structured Query Language simply SQL in order to store and query data. … Read more

What Is A Server In Computing and Server Types?

The server is a computers type which consists of purposeful hardware and software used to provide different services to the clients.  Servers generally use different and special applications to provide services. A server can contain a single service or multiple services to serve. Types Of Servers There is a different type of servers. We can … Read more

How To Install Oracle Express Edition (XE) 18 On Linux?

Oracle is very popular database which is used by big enterprises, banks, governments etc. Oracle Database provides a lot of useful features to the MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL etc. Oracle Express is lightweight database server provided by Oracle. We can use Oracle Express Edition without a fee. Oracle Express Edition is named as Oracle XE … Read more

How To Install OpenJDK Java Programming Framework To The Linux?

Java is popular programming language for different platforms and project. Java is actually a programming language standard. Sun provides Java programming language tools under the name of Java Runtime Environment or JRE or Java Development Kit or JDK.  There is alternative name OpenJDK which is another Java implementation. In this tutorial we will learn how … Read more