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How To Install and Use Chocolatey Package Manager For Windows? 0

How To Install and Use Chocolatey Package Manager For Windows?

Linux distributions have different package manager like apt, yum, dnf in order to install applications, programs, packages. Windows recently has a package manager named Chocolatey which can search, install, remove Windows packages from a decentralized repository. It uses NuGet infrastructure using PowerShell. Chocolatey Features Chocolatey provides advanced features like below. Chocolatey provides unattended installation with a PowerShell. Chocolatey works all existing software installation technologies like MSI, NSIS, InnoSeyup etc. Chololatey...


Linux “Apt-Get Command Not Found” Error Solution

Linux distributions are using package managers in order to install, update and remove applications. In the old days there are very less package managers those are not so good. In to day they are very talented. apt-get command not found is command error type which is shown while installing, updating and removing applications. In this tutorial we will look some error cases and solutions. Error As an example when try...


How To Install Updates In Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Kali

When we connect to our Linux systems like Ubuntu, Debian, Mint and Kali we see that there is a notification like below. This notification says that we hve new updates and we need to install them. Some of the updates are bug fix and some of the are security update. We will look how to install them. More information about apt can be found int the following tutorial. Apt and Apt-Get...

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