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How To Apt-Get Update, Upgrade, Dist-Upgrade, Full-Upgrade and Their Similarities and Diffirencies

deb based distributions provides apt or apt-get to manage packages interactively and from network repositories. While updating packages update, upgrade or dist-upgrade can be used. But what is the difference between these two commands. In this tutorial we will look this issue. Update updatecommand will simply get the packages information...


Linux Rpm Command With Examples

What is Rpm? Rpm is package manager popular in Red Hat based operating systems.   Rpm full name is Red Hat Package Manager. Rpm uses rpm as package extension and format. Rpm packages are generally distributed from repositories on the internet but using usb, optical media or other ways is...


How To Add PPA To Ubuntu, Debian Repository

Ubuntu and Debian are two popular Linux distributions. They are using deb and apt for package management by default. In default repositories there are a lot of different and rich package alternatives. We may need to add some external repositories. PPA is a protocol used to add repositories to the apt. It means personal package...

How To Add New Repository To Apt In Linux 0

How To Add New Repository To Apt In Linux

Apt is mainstream package management tool. Apt is used by Debian, Ubuntu and a lot of different distributions. Package administration job can be done with Apt very easily. Installing new packages, removing packages, updating packages, resolving dependency of packages etc. Big distributions like Debian, Ubuntu provides repositories. There are a...


How To Avoid Not Signed Error For Yum

Hi. When I try to update my packets in fedora rawhide or fedora 21 I got packet is not signed for parted. To get rid of this warning use –nogpgcheck option with yum


Yum Usage

Hi I am currently using fedora and I prefer cli to getting things done. I use yum and rpm to manage the applications. It is funny but I do not know gui packet managetment application name. You can say me. Anyway… I am gonna give some mostly used options of...


Yum Command Tutorial With Examples For Linux Package Management Like Install, Update Remove

Linux applications installed (generally) as packages. Packages contains required files like binary, configuration, database, data, graphic etc. All files packaged to one file named rpm. There is a lot of packages in fedora or other rpm based distribution to manage. Keep in mind that there is also different version of packages...


How To List Installed Packages In CentOS, Fedora?

I have a vm named fedora_dev2. I want to create new vm but do not want to dig to install all packages in fedora_dev2 so  I need a script that list allready installed packages in fedora_dev2 and install them with dnf or yum in new vm. Here is what I...


How To List All Repository Packages With Yum

I have added new repository into my repositories and I want to list all packages. Find total count of packages and filter some of packages I am interested. And now we can start the process. List All Repository Packages We can list all packages like below.

We have listed...

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