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Linux User Management

Linux operating system have users to operate applications, services and other stuff. Multiple users can be interact with Linux and we call it multi-user. It may be ridiculous but long time ago operating systems was single user. Which means to work on a system other users should sign out. Now...


How To Set or Change User Password In Linux?

Linux passwords are used to authenticate users. Linux passwords was holded in /etc/passwd file with other user related information like default shell, home directory path etc. Now in modern linux distributions holds passwords in /etc/shadow file which have restricted access. This file holds user passwords as hash values with salt. Hashing and salting makes...


How To List All Users and Groups in Linux

Users and group files are important for linux. Normal users will interact with linux systems by using credentials provided in the user ad group file. Print User File Named passwd We can get content of the user file like below.  This file provides usernames home directories and shell information.


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