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Shell Scripting Languages Examples, Bash, Sh, Python, Powershell, MSDOS, PHP, Tcl, Perl

A scripting language is a programming language supports writing simply to medium level applications in operating systems like Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Windows, MacOS, BSD, Unix. Scripting languages can be used to run complex tasks automatically or manually with very little effort. We can describe actions in a scripting language and run them easily. In this tutorial, we will look at popular scripting languages used by different operating systems and...


“Perl warning Setting locale failed” Error and Solution In Linux

All operating systems uses some locale settings to properly interpret language related data. In Linux this settings are called as locale and used even without GUI or desktop environment. They are generally configured during installation of the operating system but also changed after installation. “Perl warning Setting locale failed” is mostly occurring error after installation. Which is caused by locale miss configuration. In this tutorial we will look how to solve this...


What Is Shebang Linux or Bash Term?

In computing shebang is characters consist of number sign and exclamation mark #! . There is alternative names like she-bang, hash-bang, pound-bang or hash-pling Shebang is generally used in script like text to specify script interpreter or type.  Some languages omit # as comment mark but with ! there is special meaning. Syntax Shebang is generally used with interpreter specification only and no optional argument is provided.

Here interpreter...


How To Replace A Text Exists In Many Files?

Linux provides a lot of tools to ease system administrators work. One of them is replace command which simple search text files to replace string and create new text file. Replace command comes with MySQL Server packages. IF MySQL is not installed we can not use replace command. Replace Command We can use replace command to change string in text files.

replace is our tool BEFORE is the string we search for AFTER is the new string...


How To Install Perl Modules With CPAN?

Perl is a old and popular scripting language. Todays Python is preferred over Perl but there are a lot of useful tools   used already by system administrators. There are generally problem of dependency for Perl scripts. Here we will look how to install required Perl modules in to Linux. Install Via CPAN CPAN is very good solution to install modules. It resolves and install dependencies easily. CPAN is very...

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