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Linux Bash Pipe Command Usage with Examples For Redirection

Linux Bash Pipe Command Usage with Examples For Redirection

Linux Bash provides a lot of useful features and commands. Pipe or | is one of them. Bash provides a command-line interface facility which mainly used to concatenate command output to another command. Bash Pipe Concept In Linux everything is file. This may seem odd but it is. Every command executed will have three type of … Read more

Linux /dev/null Explanation

Linux mainly works over files and input output operations. All connected devices are shown in the /dev directory. null is interesting device which is just nothing. In this tutorial we will look what /dev/null is and used for. Emptiness As stated previously null is just empty device which is like a bucket with a hole … Read more

Linux Bash Input, Output and Redirect

[rps-include post=6835] Linux Bash have different ways to run command and get output of the command or redirect the output. In this tutorial we will look different ways to redirect commands output. Writing Multiple Commands Same Line Command line can be terminated with ; to write commands same line $ clear;ls; In this example first … Read more

Bash Command Basics

Bash is a utility to manage Linux and UNIX boxes and it is very popular because of its simple, well documented and unique usage. There are alternatives to bash like csh,sh,ksh but bash has very high usage rate against others. I have recently work on bash with its manual and wanted to write something that … Read more