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Get-Service Service Management With Windows Powershell From Command Line

Windows Powershell provides easy to use commands or command-lets to manage Windows systems. Powershell can be used to manage Windows Services and provides builtin command for related operations. Help Help information about Powershell Services command can be get wit the following command. $ Get-Help Get-Service List Services with Get-Service Existing Windows services can be listed … Read more

Linux SSH Server (sshd) Configuration and Security Options With Examples

Secure Shell or with its most know name SSH is a protocol developed to connect IT systems remotely and securely. SSH works as expected client-server architecture. In this post, we will look at various security-related configuration options of the SSH daemon service or sshd. The tutorial about the client-side ssh configuration can be found in the … Read more

Linux Netstat Command With Examples

Linux provides a lot of tools for network management and visibility. netstat is another popular and useful tool used by a lot of systems and network administrators. In this tutorial, we will look at usage examples of netstat. Syntax We will use the following syntax for the netstat command. netstat [address_family_options] [options] List All Connections … Read more

How To Check If Port Is Open In Linux?

I have some servers and I want to check which ports are open. Open ports give clue about the load and security about the system. Open ports mean there is services running on the server and clients are using these so a load of this system is generally higher than other servers. Open ports can … Read more

How To Discover Network Hosts With Nmap?

How To Discover Network Hosts With Nmap?

Hi. We started with Nmap target specification. Now we resume with host discovery options. Host discovery is detecting hosts in the same or remote network. Generally, we send a packet to the target host and then we get a response or not but some times we just listen and get packets from hosts. We decide … Read more

How To Find Out Which Proccess is Listening On A Port for Windows?

System or Network administrators looks ports and applications to solve problems. Getting port and application info in Linux can be done lsof command. But in Windows? netstat is a very popular and useful tool used to get network and port-related information. List Listening Port with netstat Command We will use <a href=”https://www.poftut.com/how-to-check-and-list-listening-ports-with-netstat-in-linux/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>netstat</a> … Read more