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What Is LLVM? Getting Started with LLVM

What Is LLVM? Getting Started with LLVM

LLVM is a project which provides a collection of a modular compiler and toolchain software and technologies. The name “LLVM” is not an acronym that is different from other IT and Opensource projects. LLVM has started a research project at the University of Illinois in order to create a compiler and tool-chain which supports both … Read more

What Is Computer Programming?

Computer Programming is the act of creating programs, software, and applications. In order to create computer programs, some programming or scripting language is used by providing instructions. Even computer programming generally referred to as creating instructions there are extra duties to accomplish computer programming act. Even term in computer programming the programming act can be … Read more

Shell Scripting Languages Examples, Bash, Sh, Python, Powershell, MSDOS, PHP, Tcl, Perl

A scripting language is a programming language supports writing simply to medium level applications in operating systems like Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Windows, MacOS, BSD, Unix. Scripting languages can be used to run complex tasks automatically or manually with very little effort. We can describe actions in a scripting language and run them easily. In … Read more

Php – Ternary Operators

We have previously examined the if-elseif-else conditional statements. We know that these statements provide branching ability according to the conditions. While using these statements in single and simple situations it may become a trivial task. Php provides an alternative way for simple usage. This is called ternary operators. Syntax Syntax of ternary operator is like below. … Read more

Php – If..Elseif..Else Conditional Statements

[rps-include post=6522] Php provides ability to write applications according to decision making with given statements or comparative tests. We can test given situations and conditions and dictate application execution. For example we want to check given integer value and print the positiveness and negativeness. Here we need to check this situation with if-elseif-else conditional statements. If … Read more

Php – Syntax Overview

[rps-include post=6522] Extension Php source or code files generally ends with .php but generally the extension is not important. Following extensions can be used too. php4 php5 php7 Php Tags Web based programming languages generally uses tags in order to surround related code. Php is web based programming language too and uses <?php … ?> tags. Second … Read more

C Header Files and Include

[rps-include post=6557] C header files used to load builtin or third party libraries. Header files provides information about the library, functions, variables, structures etc. provided library. Include In order to load library header files we use #include preprocessor. #include preprocessor will load related library definitions before source code is expanded and compiled. All related definitions are inserted … Read more

How To Setup C Development Environment

[rps-include post=6557] We will start with setting up our working environment. To develop C applications we need some compiler . Compiler is a tool that converts our code into executable format for the specified platform. We call specified platform because Windows is different from Mac-OS or Linux. Executable application can be run on operating systems. Pure … Read more