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How To Create Reverse Proxy with Nginx?

Nginx is very popular web server software. It has some advantages over Apache. Some developers and system administrators use Nginx with Apache to get more from advantages. Nginx Reverse proxy is very popular because of the speed provided by Nginx with files and directories by using threads. In this tutorial...


How To Install and Configure Squid Web Proxy Server On Linux?

Corporate generally uses web proxies in order to speed up and secure internet web traffic. There are a lot of paid or open source web proxy applications. Squid is most popular web proxy used by a lot of users. In this tutorial we will look how to install and configure...


Introduction To Squid

Hi today we will look most famous proxy in the world. Yes you guest it right it is squid. Proxy is an intermediate system that manages communication between two systems. In web applications http proxy is mostly used type. The client makes request to the proxy and then proxy makes...

How To Create Proxy With 3proxy 0

How To Create Proxy With 3proxy

Hi today we will look a 3proxy.  3proxy supports http, https, sockv4, sockv4a, sockv5, ftp, pop3, udp and tcp. It it very easy and lightweight to setup and use. It supports ACL like network devices so we can restrict acces of any resources to any destination. It gives logging flexibilities...

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