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Pgrep and Pkill Command Tutorial With Examples For Linux

While working process general ps command is used. Ps command provides detailed information about processes those run on the system. We generally use grep command with ps to filter or match. There is a alternative and more...


Killing Linux Processes With killall Command

We have previously looked the command kill to kill process accordin to their names, owners etc. But using only kill command to kill a proccess according to its owner is done with supportive commands like...


Linux Kill Process Tutorial With Examples

Operating systems are bed for applications. These applications are executed as processes. Process start, waits and ends. Through their life time their complete given jobs. In this guide we will look how to kill...


Find Out Other Users Operations

We have a multi user linux system. We have different type of users. We want to know what the other users doing. Linux operating systems like Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, Debian have all command w  which...

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