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Virt Install Tool For Virtualization With KVM and Qemu For Linux

Virtualization and cloud computing is future of the IT. There are a lot of tools and architectures to make virtual the systems. Every big vendor have their original or clone virtualization technology or ecosystem. Linux provides KVM, Qemu for opensource, fast virtualization. Open source cloud ecosystem Openstack is mainly positioned...


Linux Qemu-img Command Tutorial With Examples to Create, Change, Shrink Disk Images

KVM (Kernel Virtualization Module) is an open source, popular and efficient virtualization technology provided by Linux kernel. Virtualization creates virtual ram, devices, disks, CPU’s, networks etc. Qemu is the user space tool used to provide these to the kernel level virtualization tool KVM. Disk is one of the most important...


How To Convert Disk Formats For Qemu, Vmware

In linux you can change disk formats whatever you want with tool called qemu-img.You can install it with your package manager



If you privilege for images you can use sudo with qemu-img it is very easy -O option says that change to qcow2 if you...


How To Change Ram Size On Running VM In Libvirt

I have a bunch of vms in my laptop and need regularly to change their ram size because I have only 8 GB ram. As I said before I use linux kvm for virtualization. Virsh is my tool to manage vms that runs on kvm hypervisor. There is the value...


Qemu Tutorial

Qemu is very old virtualization technology used to virtualize system components and run operating systems on it. Before KVM and XEN QEMU was used heavily but it can not race with VMWARE or VIRTUAL PC. But with the KVM qemu get superfast speed for computing by using hardware based virtualization....


How To Create Snapshot of KVM / Libvirt / Qemu Vm?

Kvm is a hypervisor used by a lot of linux distributions. I am currently using it and very happy with it. I have most of the abilities paid hypervisors like HyperV, Vmware provides. Snapshots is picture of the vm in specified time. For example we will install new application but...

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