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How To Open Zip Files In Windows with Multiple Ways? 0

How To Open Zip Files In Windows with Multiple Ways?

Zip is the most popular compression format and the algorithm used IT. Zip is used to make a group or files and folders into one and compress it with its algorithm to take fewer sizes which can be changed according to its files. Open Using Windows Zip Tool As zip is very popular compression format and algorithm it is required by most of the Windows users. Windows Vista and previous...


What Is GZ File Type or Extension? How To Create, Extract and Open Gz File?

gz or GZ files are compressed files using gzip algorithm or a related application. gz is natively created for Linux and Unix but currently supports all major operating systems like Windows, MacOS, BSD etc. Programs Those Can Open GZ Files In this part we will provide the applications or programs those can be open, create, extract GZ files. Windows File Viewer Plus Corel WinZip WinRAR 7-Zip PeaZip Linux gzip 7zip Ark...


How To List and Unrar Rar Files In Ubuntu, Debian, Kali, Mint?

Rar is very popular compression format used for different purposes. A lot of files like documents, image files, source code etc. are compressed using rar compression format. In this tutorial we will look how to install rar tool for Ubuntu, Debian, Kali and Mint and than list and extract files and directories. Install Unrar We will use apt package manager in order to install unrar package.

List Rar File Contents We...


7z Command Tutorial With Examples To Compress And Extract Files In Linux

7zip is popular tool and compression format. 7zip supports wide range of  platforms and operations systems like Windows , Linux , BSD, MacOS etc. Syntax We will use following syntax for 7z command.


Commands While using 7z there are two component as we can see in the syntax. One of them is commands. Commands are used to specify the operations like:  a : Add files to archive...

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